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FOX Business
Oct 9, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, they realize a new ad using big bird to sarcastically distort governor romney's approach to deficit reduction. >> one man has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. >> it is me, big bird. >> big, yellow, a menace to our economy. lou: governor romney mentioning big bird in last week's debate as he proposed cuts and funding to the public broadcasting system among a whole bunch of other cuts, it has not stopped sesame workshop from objecting to the president's campaign ad, the nonprofit organization wrote quote, we have approved nong campaign add and as of our general practice, have requested that they be taken down, big bird joining the aarp, and a cincinnati deli owner and nbc's andrea mitchell on the list of people who' the obama campaign to just leave them out of the obama campaign, bad news piling up for the president, some of his most reliable brends hitting him hard, little bi politic coct small ball. and the silly obama campaign. and nbc news called ad absurd, their chief white house correspondent chuck todd said, quote, when can the obama campaign going to stop talking about the debat
FOX Business
Oct 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
. there is no predictability right now. we are in the same place this year that we were last year. you know, these deficits are struggling. lou: you are campaigning for governor romney in ohio. he will continue to do so. in ohio, when they have a 7.2% unemployment rate -- they are enjoying a far better recovery from the recession that nearly all of the country. what is the most persuasive message that you can take to the voters they are? >> well, i think in the state of utah, we are doing well in spite of what washington is doing. but it's not going to be too long. we are all going to bear the burdens that the president has put on us. we will feel the pain the president has put on us. we are doing well in spite of barack obama, nothing thinking is what happened in ohio. what we need to do is we need to get people on their feet and ready to go, get them fired up. it is obvious that during the debate, barack obama has no idea how to get the economy going. mitt romney definitely knows the country this country needs to take the one thank you for joining us, mia love. critics may have panned a new liam neeson m
FOX Business
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm EDT
, and the numbers are troubling. on a day in which the congressional budget office announced the 2012 budget deficit came in at $11 trillion for a fourth straight year, turns out our out of control spending includes roughly $450 million given every year to the corporation for public broadcasting, $8 million of that going to, that's right, sesame workshop and big bird. it appears easy to dismiss millions of dollars when the government faces trillion of dollars in debt. the left may be cute with a call to end funding for public broadcasting, but here's the homework the left should have done before they and president obama began their reflective aattacks. they are $388 million in assets now. in merchandise sales alone, it brought in $45 million, five times what it received in government grants. that little cute sesame workshop turns out to be a moneymaker producing hundreds of millions of dollars. we take all of that up tonight with former george bush senior adviser carl rove, and as well, the unemployment rate falling to 7.8%, employers adding just 114,000 jobs. we're talking about that, and, yes, big
FOX Business
Oct 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
the countries of president absolutely implode on estates. his capacity revealed, the deficit that he has with governor romney and his ability to articulate and to communicate his vision, his principles. >> is it to be overwhelming. >> i think it is the media cobbling of bama over four years as weakening his ability to debate. here was a guy who is so you stay sycophantic press that i think he did so terribly because he is just not used to anyone challenging him in an effective way, and romney did that. abolish it had been able to handle that. lou: and trying to find a point at which in 2008 he was such a great debater because it does not come to me. what i witnessed for governor romney was a man who found his full voice, his full capacity, and absolutely dominated the evening. i did not -- i think, you know, to me it appeared that president obama was taking instruction. >> but it's not easy for the president to has inside information, all this intelligence at his disposal to fare so badly, and that same part of the reason i think he did is because these is a man has been spoiled by publ
FOX Business
Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
: it is also another thing to me. he loves to talk about the deficit and the budget. the fact is, i wonder if there is a line between his energy and his enthusiasm and some constraint and the desire for most of us to hear and speak about other topics as well. and to do so with fresh and new language. can he overdo the youthful enthusiasm and what could quickly become under budget, a johnny one note approach? >> i think he can. i have known him for 20 years. he is very funny and very intelligent. he is more than a one-dimensional budget geek. he needs to do the exact same thing that governor romney them. show a warm and different side of the personality. they win by doing that. lou: ron christie, chris stirewalt, thank you. up next, it appears to be open season on our embassy in the middle east. the latest on the terrorist attack and murder of the chief of security for the u.s. embassy in yemen. and things looking somewhat suspect over at the labor department. what is going on with this government? you know, i will tell you right now, it's not a conspiracy. but man, it sure does look like i
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)